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it is. it’s harming the tiger (who also happens to be a siberian tiger i think- the biggest subspecies of tigers and thus the biggest of the biggest of the felidae family) and the conservation efforts that these animals so desperate need right now. that tiger is still a cub, true, but with that size, it is more than time to get a fitting enclosure. you know, something bigger than a college student apartment, with dirt beneath its paws and professional care. the least thing a tiger needs is staying with college students. why?

  • tigers are not big kittycats. they’ve not been domesticated for about 5000 years like housecats did (not to mention that housecats deliberately chose to be with people, while it’s a completely different case with tigers). they’re wild, with millions of years of instinct in them. even in play, they can do some serious harm (don’t tell me you’ve never been scratched by your housecat. now imagine an apex predator doing something similar…). and honestly i don’t even care about the owners when harm is done. i care about the animal. because often times, when a tiger does what mother nature intended it to do,with its teeth and claws that’s originally designed to take down fucking deer and whatnot, it will be deemed dangerous by authorities. euthanasia is what follows then. either that, or they’ll be locked up in cages in someone’s backyard since that’s another cheap solution.
  • private ownership goes straight against the conservation efforts tigers so desperately need right now. there are more tigers owned by private owners who’re not and will never be part of responsible breeding programs than there are in the wild. tigers are one of those animals that are being heavily exploited (cub petting industries, pay to play schemes, facilities such as t.i.g.e.r.s., tiger temple and tiger kingdom), inbred (white- and golden tabby tigers) and hybridized (most commonly bengal x siberian), and thus the cubs that are born as a result mean literally nothing for the conservation of these animals. 

honestly, i find these bullcrap circulating around tumblr so fucking gross and disgusting. it only contributes to the idea of tigers being huge kittycats. and in case you think that’s harmless, it is in face a huge problem, since private ownership is linked to most of the cruel practices addressed here. and even then, what good do you think you do to the tiger by keeping it inside a tiny house like that? tigers don’t care about you. they don’t want to be your pet. all they care about is exploring, marking their territories (you don’t wanna get a pet that urinates everywhere and claws everything), eating and playing/killing (note: there’s a thin line between playing and killing for these animals, as they learn how to hunt by play. hence why most privately owned wild cats- big and lesser cats alike- are being defanged and declawed. another act of cruelty). that’s literally it.

this case was already addressed by bigcatawareness tho, but i can’t seem to find the post. however, here’s her exotic pets tag. should give you a nice idea of these sort of stuff.

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Cats and Tumblr Photoset

cats actually scared me but I had to reblog this just for the cat hanstand

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This is literally something my friends would do to me and I would fall for it


This is literally something my friends would do to me and I would fall for it

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Look at this little turd-head. She’s pulled the mattress cover off the bed so she can nest in the elasticky edge.

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Flamingos, Leipzig Zoo, Germany


Flamingos, Leipzig Zoo, Germany

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